Section NE-3A 2006 Conclave Set

ConclaveAnother Section Conclave set sent along by Matt Crance.  This one is from the 2006 NE-3A Section Conclave.

Section NE-3A 2006 Conclave Set

Matt advises:

Everyone got the patch but the flap had to be purchased I am not sure if it is considered part of 255 or not. If you completed “the Challenge” you got the 255 pin.

While it could be considered that the flap is a Lodge #255 Gyantwachia which was available for sale to all on the event; I’m leaning towards it being a Conclave issue. It does not contain the Lodge name or number although that by itself would not be determinative.  I’ll let the PA Blue Book Editor make the call as to whether it is a #255 issue; but it is certainly collectible as a conclave item.

Update August 2013 Chris Carlson sends along an image of the Conclave Booklet.

2006 NE-3A Conclave Booklet

2006 NE-3A Conclave Booklet

Clicking on the image will bring you to a larger version.

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