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State of the Hobby Mide Lodge #15 P1a on Neckerchief

This neckerchief issued by Mide Lodge #15 with their P1a recently ended on eBay after some spirited bidding.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the eBay auction for the next few months.

Bidding started at only $ 3.00 and 6 unique bidders made 20 bids before the auction ended at $ 36.00



Mide Lodge #15 Hanigus Chapter L1

I recently acquired a Mide Lodge #15 Hanigus Chapter L1 which is not pictured on OA Images.  Mide Lodge was formed in 1957, from the merger of Chappegat Lodge #15 and Hanigus Lodge #47.

Mide Lodge #15 Hanigus Chapter L1

The Blue Book describes it as:
L1 – – LBR BLK – 1963

The material of the slide seems to be more of a Naugahyde than leather.

The plus for me, is that this was my last known Mide Lodge need.


“Adversity has the same effect on a man that severe training has on the pugilist – it reduces him to his fighting weight.” – Josh Billings.

Table of contents for Neckerchief Slides

  1. Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief Slide
  2. Ktemaque Lodge #15 Neckerchief Slide
  3. Chappegat Lodge #15 Neckerchief Slide 25th Anniversary
  4. Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Neckerchief Slide 45th Anniversary
  5. Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Neckerchief Slide
  6. Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief Slide L5
  7. Nacha Nimat Ldoge #86 Neckerchief Slide
  8. Ho De No Sau Nee Lodge #159 Neckerchief Slide
  9. Adirondack Lodge #357 Neckerchief Slide
  10. Kamargo Lodge #294 Neckerchief Slide
  11. Wakanda Lodge #186 Arrowree 1961 Neckerchief Slide
  12. Amo’Chk’ Lodge #339 Flap-Shaped Neckerchief Slide
  13. Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief Slide
  14. Buckskin Lodge #412 Plaster Neckerchief Slide
  15. Thayendanegea Lodge #418 Neckerchief Slide
  16. Shinnecock Lodge #360 Neckerchief Slide
  17. Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Eluwak Chapter Bolo Tie
  18. Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea #418 Metal Neckerchief Slide
  19. Grey Owl Neckerchief Slides
  20. Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea #418 Area 2-D Conclave Slides
  21. Nischa-Nimat Lodge #181 Neckerchief Slide
  22. Grey Owl Neckerchief Slides – Update
  23. A Look Back – Adirondack Lodge #357 Neckerchief Slide
  24. Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief Slide – 2
  25. Discovery – Ranachqua Lodge #4 1955 Conclave
  26. Ranachqua Lodge #4 Birchbark Neckerchief Slide
  27. Half Moon Lodge #28 Bolo Slide
  28. What item in your collection means the most to you?
  29. AH Wa Ge Lodge #477 Neal Slide
  30. Area 2-D 1967 Conclave Neckerchief Slide
  31. Discovery – Buckskin Lodge L6
  32. Munsi Lodge #444 Neckerchief Slide
  33. Suanhacky Lodge #49 1958 Neckerchief Slide
  34. Sisilija Lodge #19 Neal Slide
  35. Update – Sislija Lodge #19 Neal Slide
  36. Mide Lodge #15 Hanigus Chapter L1
  37. Early Area 3A Neckerchief Slides
  38. Sisilija Lodge #19 Neal Slide
  39. Sisilija Lodge #19 Neckerchief Slide
  40. Gajuka Lodge #477 Neckerchief slide
  41. Tuscarora Lodge # 284 Neckerchief Slide
  42. Onteroraus Lodge #402 Neckerchief Slide
  43. Kamargo Lodge #294 Slide Farm Neckerchief Slide
  44. Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 Neckerchief Slide
  45. Another Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 Neckerchief Slide
  46. Manatoanna Lodge #461 L1 Slide/Bolo
  47. Ranacahqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief Slide #3
  48. Aquehongian Lodge #112 Wooden Neckerchief Slide
  49. Kamargo Lodge #294 Neckerchief Slides
  50. Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Totem Slide
  51. Order of the Arrow Neckerchief Slides
  52. Discovery – Mohawk Lodge #267 Neckerchief Slide L1
  53. Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 1959 Summer Banquet Slide eNS1959
  54. Look Back – Suanhacky Lodge #49 1958 Neckerchief Slide
  55. Discovery – Suanhacky Lodge #49 eL1959

Chappegat Lodge #15 L2?

John Tegtmeier recently pointed out a discrepancy in the Blue Book listings regarding the Chappegat Lodge #15 L2. The scan has been adjusted to better show the detail, the ink color is a fluorescent orange and the leather is more of an off-white, although it may be aging.

Chappegat Lodge #15 L2?

As John rightly points out, Chappegat merged with Hanigus #47 in 1957 to form Mide #15. It would be difficult for Chappegat Lodge to issue a neckerchief slide for the 1958 NOAC the year after it merged.

While it would have been possible for the Lodge to have issued the slide in late 1957 prior to the merger for those members who had signed up for the 1958 NOAC; it is not the most likely scenario.

Both Hanigus and Chappegat were chapters of Mide Lodge and were known to have issued chapter items while part of Mide. Chappegat Chapter eN1958


The most likely explanation is that the slide was issued by Chappegat Chapter of Mide Lodge as was the Chappegat Chapter eN1958. Image used with permission of


My inclination is to move the listing from Chappegat #15 to Mide #15 as a Chapter issue. Does anyone know the true story?


Mide Lodge #15 Oddity

Received another email with a question about another used flap which looks different. Mide and its successor Lodge Ktemaque is located just north of NYC, so Mide flaps are relatively common (for a lodge merged over 30 years ago) at local TOR’s.

In the last 20+ years that I have been actively collecting NY Issues, I’ve never seen one with a brown/khaki background. It may be the result of repeated bleaching/washings which effected the twill but not the threads. Anyone else ever seen one like this?

Mide Oddity


Mide Lodge #15 Unlisted Event Neckerchief 15eN1972

A new find from a Lodge that merged back in 1973. Perhaps one of the last issues from Mide Lodge. An event Neckerchief celebrating a Summer Reunion from 1972 held at Camp Siwanoy.

Mide Lodge #15 Unlisted Event Neckerchief 15eN1972

Blue Book Style Stats:
eN1972 – – WHT RED – 1972 RED WWW, 1972, 15 BLK Summer Reunion, Camp Siwanoy


Correction to Event Issue for Mide Lodge

The 15eN1969 has previouly been listed in the Blue Book under Lodge 15 Ktemaque. Since Ktemaque did not come into existance until 1973, it would have been difficult to have an event in 1969.

Blue Book V (hence BBV) will list this item under #15 MIDE