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Happy Thanksgiving 2013 – Fried Turkey Safety

Happy Thanksgiving from the New York OA Trader to you and yours.

I have been deep frying turkeys usually 2 each Thanksgiving Day( now 3 for the last couple of years) for well over a decade now.

But there are always safety precautions to observe, be safe out there.

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How to Carve that Turkey

While presentation is nice, the object is to feed the family.  Here is one way to carve that Thanksgiving or holiday turkey. Give this one a watch if you struggle with the turkey carving each year.

Save me some of the dark meat. 

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How to Smoke a Brisket

Now that its warmed up a bit, its time to start smoking and grilling.  Smoking is low and slow.  Here is a video on how to smoke a brisket.

Hat tip: Hampton Smoker


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