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Westchester Putnam and Hudson Valley Councils Approve Merger

For those who may not be aware, Westchester Putnam Council and Hudson Valley Council merged effective January 1, 2020 to form the Greater Hudson Valley Council.

WPC and HVC Merger Announcement

WPC and HVC Merger Announcement

I understand that the two Lodges, Ktemaque #15 (WPC) and Nacha Nimat #86 (HVC) will merge sometime later in 2021. More information on that as it becomes available. 2021 is the 25th Anniversary Year for Nacha Nimat (1996-2021).

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Mayflower Council – CSP Design

A bit northeast of New York State, a new Council is born, and have released a design for their first CSP.

The Mayflower Council was established in 2017 and is a result of the consolidation of Scouting programming that has served Greater Metro West and the South Shore areas of Massachusetts for over a century. Comprised of territory that was once part of the Algonquin, Norumbega, Knox Trail, Squanto, and Old Colony Councils

The Camp Squanto Alumni Association announced:

Here is the new … and 1st … CSP for the Mayflower Council. It has the silhouette a Pilgrim and a Native American facing a mayflower. This is the design, the mayflower and green crest, that is on the back of the Mayflower II in Plymouth Harbor. The silver border will go out to those registered in the new year, then the border will be gold.

Mayflower Council First CSP Design

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Southwestern Connecticut Scouting Heritage Museum Opens

A new Scout Museum opened in Milford, Connecticut recently and was featured in an article in the New Haven Register.

NHR Museum
Clicking on the image will bring you to the full article, give it a read and stop in if you are in the area.

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New Council Information – Illinois/Indiana/Chicago Area Council Mergers

Bob Cylkowski posted to Patch-L about an upcoming council consolidation in the metro Chicago Area.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the creation of a new Council in the Chicago metropolitan and Northwestern Indiana areas.

Four councils – Northwest Suburban, Chicago Area, Des Plaines Valley and Calumet will all be served by this new yet unnamed council. A contest will be held among the youth membership to determine the name.

Local Pack, Troop, Crew and Post structure and program will not be affected! In addition, no changes are being made to District operations.

Everyone who is registered in one of the four councils mentioned above, will be automatically registered in the new council.

Unit numbers will remain the same.

District names, and boundaries will not change.

The council will continue to operate four Council Service Centers for the convenience of Scouting families.

Here is a link to the full notice.

What the exact format will be; a single council or some version of the field service councils now in use in Michigan remains to be seen. As does the outcome for the Owasippe and the other effected OA lodges.


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Boy Scouts of America to Merge Scout Councils West Virginia – Update

I had previously posted about a proposed merger of Tri State Area Council which would become a part of the Buckskin Council. This merger became effective last month.

At a May 8, 2014 special meeting the Buckskin Council’s voting members approved to merge the Buckskin and Tri-State Area Councils. The Tri-State Area Council’s voting members approved to merge with the Buckskin Council at a meeting held May 29, 2014.
The Buckskin Council has about 5000 youth members in 23 counties of West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky and has its service center in Charleston. The Tri-State Area Council has about 2000 youth members in 10 counties of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio and has its service center in Huntington. Both councils are not for profit organizations incorporated in West Virginia. When approved by the Secretary of State the merger would occur about July 1, 2014

The Lodges effected are Thal Coo Zyo Lodge #457 and Chi Hoota Wei Lodge #617.

Ed Evans posted some information on Patch-L on potential new lodge name and totem:

Here is the latest information on the merger. The lodges have completed another meeting and the following names and totems will be voted on during the upcoming fall fellowship, in October.
¨ Takhonek – A place where rivers come together
¨ Wenchimtin – A calling together of people
¨ Kéku Achwon – A thing of the spirit
¨ Hellbender Salamander
¨ Gray Fox
¨ Eastern Screeching Owl

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100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow 2015

The logo for the 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow has been released by National. There are three variants depending on the desired audience.

Here is an example of one of the first uses in a patch. It was issued for the 2014 BSA National Annual Meeting which was held May 21–23 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, in Nashville, Tennessee

100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow National Meeting Patch

100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow National Meeting Patch

Centuries of Service refers to both the last 100 years and the next 100.

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Happy Tenth Blog Birthday To Me – NYOA Trader is Ten

Cake Ten Years ago today on January 26, 2004 the NY OA Trader Blog was born on Blogger with the following Mission Statement.

The purpose of this blog is to publish information about new Lodge and Chapter issues from New York State OA Lodges, the discovery of older uncatalogued issues, warnings about fakes, spoof, and reproductions and other information/musings that may be of interest to other NY OA Collectors (or at least amusing to me).

The blog is now pushing 4000 posts and my aim is to continue to provide information about new and older issues from your lodges through scans, trades, comments and encouragement from my readers. Thousands of issues have been showcased on this site and its archives are a treasure trove of information on New York State OA issues.

While life sometimes gets in the way, and posting may be sparse at times, I hope to continue this blog for many years to come.

Without my readers, commenters and contributors, I would not have been able to share a fraction of the information available on the site. thanks to you all.

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