Boy Scouts of America to Merge Scout Councils West Virginia – Update

I had previously posted about a proposed merger of Tri State Area Council which would become a part of the Buckskin Council. This merger became effective last month.

At a May 8, 2014 special meeting the Buckskin Council’s voting members approved to merge the Buckskin and Tri-State Area Councils. The Tri-State Area Council’s voting members approved to merge with the Buckskin Council at a meeting held May 29, 2014.
The Buckskin Council has about 5000 youth members in 23 counties of West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky and has its service center in Charleston. The Tri-State Area Council has about 2000 youth members in 10 counties of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio and has its service center in Huntington. Both councils are not for profit organizations incorporated in West Virginia. When approved by the Secretary of State the merger would occur about July 1, 2014

The Lodges effected are Thal Coo Zyo Lodge #457 and Chi Hoota Wei Lodge #617.

Ed Evans posted some information on Patch-L on potential new lodge name and totem:

Here is the latest information on the merger. The lodges have completed another meeting and the following names and totems will be voted on during the upcoming fall fellowship, in October.
¨ Takhonek – A place where rivers come together
¨ Wenchimtin – A calling together of people
¨ Kéku Achwon – A thing of the spirit
¨ Hellbender Salamander
¨ Gray Fox
¨ Eastern Screeching Owl

[phpbay]Thal Coo Zyo Lodge, 10[/phpbay]

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