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Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N4 Neckerchief Variations

The Blue Book list 3 variations of the Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N4 Neckerchief.
N4a WHT BLU SSC design of S1; OLV mountains w/fine dot screening
N4b WHT LBL GRN mountains w/heavy dot screening; RED Turtle, Arrow, WWW
N4c WHT LBL as N4b but ROR Turtle, Arrow, WWW

I thought I had all of them and had them properly identified. I was at the Seneca Waterways TOR last year and came across a neckerchief which seemed different to me so I picked it up on speculation.

The top neckerchief is a much darker Blue than what I had previously identified as the N4a. What I had identified as the N4a is the bottom N in the scan below which is significantly darker than the N4b and N4c already in my collection (which otherwise match the descriptions of the N4b and N4c..

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N4a Neckerchief Variations

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N4a Neckerchief Variations

So MVE or a fourth variety?



Discovery – Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 50th Anniversary X5 Twill Varieties

I had previously commented that while I enjoyed tracking and cataloguing new issues, what I really liked about hosting this site was finding out about previously uncatalogued issues. I had acquired what I thought was a duplicate of the 417X5 a while back but had not checked it to my collection. I’ve gotten in the habit of checking twill issues to confirm I have the same twill direction and to make sure I keep the better of the two issues if mine is not mint.

On comparing the two patches, I realized that there were two distinct twill directions, Twill Right and Twill Left.

Not the easiest to see in the scan, but these is twill right.

which would make the Stats.
X5a BRN R GRN RED GMY FDL; 50th Anniversary Turtle shaped Twill Right

and the twill left variety

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 50th Anniversary X5 Twill Left

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 50th Anniversary X5 Twill Left

and for this one:
X5b BRN R GRN RED GMY FDL; 50th Anniversary Turtle shaped Twill Left


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2005 Section NE 3A Conclave Host Flap

Chris Carlson sends along a scan from the 2005 Section NE-3A Cocnlave.

This is the 2005 issued flap for the 2005 NE 3A section conclave. Hosted by Ganeodiyo, which merged with Ty-Ohni in 2010.

Section NE-3A  2005  Conclave Host Flap 417S23

Section NE-3A 2005 Conclave Host Flap 417S23

NYS Lodges in NE 3A include 30, 95, 159, 165, 339 and 417. there are also two PA Lodges 46 and 255 in the Section.

I’ll add this image to the original post.

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State of the Hobby – Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 X1 on Neckerchief

Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. An auction recently ended on eBay for a Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 X1 on Neckerchief.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction results for the next few months.

Three bidders made five bids on this auction which started at $ 99.99. the winning bidder got it for $ 152.50 and went back to increase his maximum bid if it was required.

For those paying attention, the neckerchief had been available the previous week for a minimum bid of $ 149.99 and closed without a bid. So the underbidder and the actual winner could have one it the previous week for a few dollars less.


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Discovery – Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 OA Stage Project R3

I had recently commented that while I enjoyed tracking and cataloguing new issues, what I really liked about hosting this site was finding out about previously uncatalogued issues.

Matt Crance posted on ht Camp Babcock Hovey Facebook site a discovery of an uncatalogued Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 patch issued for participating in a project for their OA Stage Project in 2005-2006.

This week we go back to 2005. That was the year that work began on the most recent version of the OA Stage. The wooden structure was complete by the end of 2005 but would not receive a metal roof until 2006. There are currently no know pictures from the build of the stage, and would be greatly appreciated. We are featuring a never before seen patch that was issued by Ganeodiyo Lodge to helpers that helped build the stage. This is an extremely rare patch from Ganeodiyo Lodge. Thanks to all that helped make the OA Stage happen as it will be enjoyed by many years of campers.

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 OA Stage Project R3

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 OA Stage Project R3

The stats for this should be:
R3 BLU R WHT RED RED FDL; RED OA Stage Project BLU Order of the Arrow Boy Scouts of America


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Look Back – Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 R2 Rededication 1990

Back in March 2008 I posted an image of the Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 R2.

This one is still a need of mine if anyone has one for sale or trade.

According to Matt Crance,

Got this picture from a friend- one had to attend to get the patch. 100 made about 40 participants. Reportedly part of the ceremony included the burning of the rest of the patches that were not given out.

It certainly is one of the toughest patches from Ganeodiyo Lodge (and still a need of mine if anyone has one laying around).

Ganeodiyo #417 R2 Redeciation Day


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Look Back – Unlisted Neckerchief Lodge 417 Ganeodiyo ?

Ten years ago in December 2005, we were talking about a newly discovered issue from Ganeodiyo Lodge #417.

This is a bleg for information regarding what is apparently an unlisted Neckerchief from Lodge #417 Ganeodiyo. The neckerchief is similar in design to the N1.5 but rather than having “61” in red, this one has “59” in red at the bottom of the neckerchief.

The N1.5 is dated “61” in 1961 the 2H Conclave was held at Crumhorn Mountain Scout Reservation which is the Council Camp of Onteroraus Lodge 402. Therefore the N1.5 would either be a NOAC Contingent Neckerchief (NOAC held in 1961) or and Area Conclave Contingent Neckerchief.

Since there was no NOAC in 1959 my best guess is both the 1961 and the 1959 neckerchiefs are Lodge Contingent Neckerchiefs to the 2H conclaves.

Area 2-H 1959 Conclave Neckerchief

As you can see, the neckerchief is white with 2 red arrows, a red Area II-H and 59.

Matt Crance had later identified it as a Lodge #417 Contingent Neckerchief to the 1959 Area 2-H conclave.

Here is the 417 N1.5 Neckerchief.

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N1.5

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N1.5

The Area 2-H 1961 Conclave neckerchief is shown below.

Area 2-H 1961 Conclave Neckerchief


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