Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N4 Neckerchief Variations

The Blue Book list 3 variations of the Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N4 Neckerchief.
N4a WHT BLU SSC design of S1; OLV mountains w/fine dot screening
N4b WHT LBL GRN mountains w/heavy dot screening; RED Turtle, Arrow, WWW
N4c WHT LBL as N4b but ROR Turtle, Arrow, WWW

I thought I had all of them and had them properly identified. I was at the Seneca Waterways TOR last year and came across a neckerchief which seemed different to me so I picked it up on speculation.

The top neckerchief is a much darker Blue than what I had previously identified as the N4a. What I had identified as the N4a is the bottom N in the scan below which is significantly darker than the N4b and N4c already in my collection (which otherwise match the descriptions of the N4b and N4c..

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N4a Neckerchief Variations
Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 N4a Neckerchief Variations

So MVE or a fourth variety?


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