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State of the Hobby – Caldwell Pin Chappegat Lodge #15

Last month I posted a link to a Thread Heads interview on Caldwell Pins.

Here is one which recently ended on eBay. Actually a Hood Pin which predates Caldwell.


Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

There was only a single bidder, but at $ 1,500.00 he knew what he was looking for.


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Area C 1941 Conclave Neckerchief

Roy Weatherbee sends along an image of what might be the earliest memorabilia issued for what we would now call a conclave. Prior to the Area Designations which matched the Region Alignment, the Order of the Arrow was broken up into various Areas which had Letter designations. Roy sends along an image and some information for the 1941 Area C Fellowship Conference or Fellowship Meeting hosted by Chappegat Lodge #15 at their Camp Siwanoy.

Area C 1941 Conclave Neckerchief

The neckerchief refers to this as an Fellowship Conference, while the program calls it a Fellowship Meeting. The program does not contain an official list of Area C lodges, but the below lodges are mentioned in the program. I do not know if this represents a complete list.

Here’s a summary of the info I’ve been able to collect:

1941 Area C Conference/Meeting
Host Lodge: Chappegat Lodge (15)
Location: Camp Siwanoy, Wingdale, NY
Dates: Saturday, August 30 – Monday, September 1 ,1941 (Labor Day weekend)

1941 Area C Program

Lodges mentioned as participating (in the program):

  • Chappegat (15, NY)
  • Shu-Shu-Gah (24, NY)
  • Lekau (77, NJ)
  • Sanhican (2, NJ)
  • Ranachqua (4, NY)
  • Minquin (86, NJ)
  • Man-a-hattin (82, NY)
  • Cowaw (9, NJ)

Roy Adds:

This is the oldest Conclave/Conference item I have in my collection. The next oldest is a leather neckerchief slide from 1948 (Area A). I have no idea what else may exist for those very early (pre-1948) meetings, though it is clear they were being held.

Does anyone else have any information on pre-1949 lettered Area meeting where NYS OA Lodges attended or hosted?


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Discovery – Chappegat Lodge #15 Neckerchief N1.9?

Gene Berman sends along an image of what seems to be a previously unlisted Chappegat Lodge #15 embroidered neckerchief.

It was with a grouping of other Chappegat Lodge and Yonkers/Westchester NY area items.

Chappegat Lodge #15 Neckerchief N1.9?

The stats for this should be
N1.9 WHT P RED – – WHT W, WHT embroidered Beaver, Arrowhead

[phpbay]Chappegat Lodge, 6[/phpbay]

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Area 2-A 1953 Conclave Issues

The 1953 Area 2-A Conclave was hosted bu Chappegat Lodge #15 and held at their Camp Siwanoy in Wingdale, New York.

There were several issues for the event:
A pocket patch:

Area 2-A 1951 Pocket Patch

There were also at least 2 neckerchiefs:



Chappegat Lodge #15 1946 Manual

Another interesting OA paper auction on eBay right now for those interested in NY OA Paper, with over 5 days still to go.  This one is for small Chappegat Lodge #15 Handbook from 1946.

More than 60 years old, has information about the early history of the OA and the lodge.

Clicking on the image, will bring you to the auction for the next few months.


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Vintage – Very Rare Boy Scout Patches Sewn On A Vest

Ebay LogoThere is an interesting auction up on eBay, entitled Vintage – Very Rare Boy Scout Patches Sewn On A Vest.

There are well over a dozen photos available for this auction and the vest contains a number of vintage OA odd-shapes from circa 1950.

vintage vestClicking on the image, will bring you to the auction for the next couple of months.

There is a reserve, so the seller seems to have some idea what he has.  Will this be buried treasure for a lucky bidder or will it find its value?

Update: As I wrote this post last night, it did not have a bid.  Twelve hours later, it is now over $500 and the reserve has still not been met.  The seller knows what he has, and since he listed many of the Lodge names in the description, the bidders are finding it. 

What do you think the selling price will be?


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Chappegat Lodge #15 Neckerchief Slide 25th Anniversary

The second in the series on Neckerchief slides comes from Chappegat Lodge #15. This one is a plastic bolo slide approximately 75mm tall by 65mm wide. It celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Chappegat Lodge in 1948 and uses the same design as the L1 (which by the way, is still a need of mine). The plastic is a flourescent pink color with a white design.

Chappegat Lodge #15 Neckerchief Slide 25th Anniversary