Section NE-4A 2017 Conclave Issues.

The 2017 Section NE-4A 2017 Conclave was hosted by Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont #165 and held at their Elk Lick Scout Reservation. The theme was “The Order of the Arrow’s Got Talent”.

Chris Carlson advised:

7 patch set, only patches made for the event. Each lodge was represented by its color listed in the stars on the patch. Only sold 15 complete sets. Will not be easy to put set together. Host lodge was yellow being Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont #165 hosted at Elk Lick Scout Reserve which might be hardest one to come by as there were more host lodge people than any other lodge, and we were limited to 1. Silver boarder was a “section delegate” patch.

Todd Rogers advised:

The 2017 NE-4A Conclave had seven different patches. One border color for each of the lodges in the section and one for section officers. Due to an ordering issue they only ordered 70 per color and didn’t order them in quantities sufficient to enable the sale of full sets with most attendees only receiving their lodge’s border color patch.

Here is the version for the Host Lodge:

Section NE-4A 2017 Conclave Yellow Border Pocket Patch
Section NE-4A 2017 Conclave Yellow Border Pocket Patch

and here is the full set, the border color matches the background of the lodge star.

Section NE-4A 2017 Conclave Pocket Patch Set
Section NE-4A 2017 Conclave Pocket Patch Set

I currently need all but the Red Border if anyone has any available for trade or sale.

Section NE-4A contains the following Lodges:

  • Wyona Lodge #18
  • Langundowi Lodge #46
  • Ah’Tic Lodge #139
  • Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont Lodge #165
  • Gyantwachia Lodge #255
  • Woapeu Sisilija Lodge #343

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