Pennsylvania OA

Looks like there is a new blog/website devoted to collecting OA at the state level. This entry is Pennsylvania OA. The webmaster is Shane Orndorf and they are still looking for some lodge editors. Looks like they will also be covering several NY Lodges whose territories cover certain counties in Pennsylvania including Tkaen Dod #30, Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho-Ont #165 and #172 Otahnagon. Surprised they are not covering Nacha Nimat #86 (update: now they are) since they extend into Pike County in Pennsylvania too.

Pennsylvania OA

Site was created to further the advancement of Scout patch collecting in Pennsylvania. The goal is to help the collecting community keep up to date about new patch releases, conclaves, and Trade-O-Ree’s happening in the state. If you see an error on the site or information that is missing please email Shane Orndorf.

Drop by and check it out, looks like posts are already being added.

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