First Area 2-H Conclave 1956

ConclaveI’ve managed to put together a fairly complete run of Area 2-H Conclave issues ( or at least most of the neckerchiefs). I’ll begin at the start, the first Area 2-H Conclave was held in 1956.

According to Rob Higgens on his OA Sections site, Area 2-H was formed in 1956 primarily from Lodges in Areas 2-D, 2-E and 2-G.

The premiere, but dated work on conclaves Order of the Arrow Conclave Handbook (OACH) Volume 1 by Frank Dingwerth and Chris Jenson (page 2-21) indicates that a pie shaped patch was issued for the 1956 Conference.

While I have seen this patch, I still need one for my collection. Interestingly enough, while not listed in the OACH, there was also a neckerchief of the same design.

First Area 2-H Conclave 1956 NEckerchief

I’d be interested in information or a trade on any other memorabilia issued for the event.

Update May 9.  Tom Wadnola has provided a scan of the patch issued for the conclave.


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