OA Images – Time for a New Server

The Internet Guide to OA Insignia


You have probably read about the problems that John Pannell has had with his site, The Internet Guide to Order of the Arrow Insignia or more simply OA Iamges .  Just before it was hit by hackers, he had started a pledge drive for a new server.


Many of us currently support John and his site through subscriptions to the Members Only area and the pricing database we can do more.


If you are a regular user of John’s site, think about those few days the site was down.  What would you have done if John said the hell with it and shut it down?


John has set up a PayPal link to help cover the costs of new hardware.

The server this site runs on is now six years old, aging, and unable to keep up with the demands put upon it.  Some of the software can no longer be upgraded due to the age of the operating system here.   Some possible new features can’t be implemented for the same reason  It’s past time for a new server.

Your help is needed.   I have been expecting this eventuality and putting aside some of the subscription and advertising fund but that is not enough to pay for the server I think I need.   So, I am setting up a New Server Fund and accepting donations to it via PayPal.   If you wish to donate to the new server, please click the button below.

Time to help John out if you can, think of the alternative.  A world without OA Iamges?