Eight Things To Consider When Buying a Collection

I came across this posting a while back which talked about what you need to think about when trying to buy out a large amount of items at a garage sale or similar venue. Check it out in its entirety and to read his analysis.

Here are the points that the Mighty Bargain Hunter thought we should consider.

  1. Do they want to be bought out?
  2. You generally do have to ask.
  3. Think of a number that you’d pay for the whole lot.
  4. Ask them to give you a price.
  5. If they’ve marked all of the items, you can start from there or assume that’s their starting price.
  6. If they won’t give a number, make a reasonable offer.
  7. If they ask if you’re keeping the stuff or re-selling it, it’s best to tell the truth.
  8. Expect to pay cash.

It seems that it is also applicable to buying someones collection or accumulation of Scout Memorabilia too.

The first question I think you need to ask is it all, or mainly all for your collection or is it for resale?

This will likely help you determine how much you are willing to pay. If you want (need and can afford it all) for your collection, you are likely to be willing to pay retail or near retail for it. If it is for resale at a TOR or eBay, a wholesale price is what your willing to offer.

The art of course is determining what to offer.

You run across an old Scouting acquaintance who tells you he just came across his old patch collection and he remembered you collected patches. He offers to sell it to you as he is no longer interested in them.

After viewing the collection, lets call it 200 solid OA issues, pre-1990 , all mint and probably in the $ 5 – 20 range each but no real hidden gems. You could probably use 10 for your collection, but these rest are trading stock, for eBay or other resale venue.

What would you offer and why?


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