Most Expensive OA Neckerchief Ever?

Updated to add Neckerchief Photo: An auction just ended on eBay, for a previously unlisted neckerchief from Aheka Lodge #359.

Creative Commons License photo credit: sunshinecity
The seller described the neckerchief as:

The gentleman I purchased this neckerchief from was inducted in 1952. He indicated that he had been given this NC by his Lodge Advisor. The NC had been issued prior to 1952 and was no longer available. Not listed in BLUE BOOK. Previously unknown issue.

There were 29 separate bids in this auction, which started at $ 499.99. While there were 5 separate bidders, three bidders chased this up to near five figures.

With less than 20 minutes two go, the bidding was over $ 5,000. From there is was quickly driven up to $ 10,000.

A bidder in the last 10 seconds drove the price up another $ 4,000.

When the hammer finally came down, it was over $ 14,650.

Unkown Aheka Lodge #359 Neckerchief

Photo courtesy merck22

Makes you want to find some 50+ year old unlisted item from your lodge doesn’t it?

Does anyone know an OA neckerchief which went for more?



Tom Wadnola sent along a link to this You Tube Video.  AScouting film from 1931.   An early promotional video?


Whatsit? – OA Ring?

Question Mark?Dick Krzyiewski sends along a couple of images of a ring he bought at an estate sale. He is unsure of its history or origins. Because of the FDL, it would seem to be Scout related. Anyone have any ideas?

I thought might be somehow related to the OA. Maybe even Canadian. If you could shed some light on either of these items it would be helpful.

OA? Ring

Side View:

OA? Ring Side view