Area 2-H 1961 Conclave Patch and Neckerchief

ConclaveThe 1961 Area 2-H Conclave was held at Crumhorn Mountain Scout Reservation and hosted by Onteroraus Lodge #402.  According to Don Tuttle’s Onteroraus Checklist the Area 2-H consisted of

eight lodges comprised Area 2H, which covered an area of half of Central New York State. The eight lodges and their totems included: Onteroraus (three mountains), Otahnagon (pine tree), Ahwagee (Indian), Seneca (Indian head), Wakanda (bear’s head), Chi Sigma (Fontenac Falls), Ganeodiyo (Turtle), and Tahgajute (Thunderbird).

The three-day conclave, which began on September 1, presented costumed Indian dance contests and the Tap Out Ceremony to the public. In a local newspaper article about the 1961 conclave, the Order of the Arrow was billed as “a nationwide society within Scouting dedicated to the preservation of Indian Customs.”

The neckerchief issued for the event pictured the lodge totems:

Area 2-H 1961 Conclave Neckerchief


There was also a hat-shaped pocket patch issued for the event.


Area 2-H 1961 Conclave Patch

Is anyone aware of any other items issued for this conclave?


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