A Look Back – Kamargo Lodge #294 X1.5 and X2

A Look BackA year ago we posted on the Kamargo Lodge #284 X1.5 and X2.

Kamargo Lodge #294 R2 and X2 on Neckerchief

The X2 has been listed in the Blue Book for some time, it is a cloth arrow sewn to a red neckerchief. They could be removed from the neckerchief and you would have 3 patches; in this case 2 X2’s and an R2. The neckerchief itself, normally has the R2 or R3 sewn to it. The image is an R2 and X2 on the neckerchief.

If you click on the thumbnail, a larger image will open. If you zoom in on the arrow, you can see it is applied to the neckerchief.

Kamargo Lodge #294 R3 and X1.5 on NeckerchiefThe X1.5 is an new addition to Blue Book VI and is described as follows:

294 X1.5 WHT C WHT – – chain stitch arrow worn on NC w/R2

This image is an R3 and X1.5, so the description is inaccurate. It should read on NC w/R2 or R3.

I’m of two minds on this. While the arrows are undeniably different than the X2, they are embroidered on the neckerchief and are not a separate patch and unlike the X2, cannot be removed from the neckerchief.

The question than becomes should it be listed at all or how should it be listed. I think the stronger argument would be to list it as an N1.7. i.e – – RED – – two white chainstiched arrows w/R2 or R3.


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Farmers’ Almanac, 1978