Ona Yote Kaonaga Lodge #500 N1, N1.5 and N2

A few days ago , on March 5 as part of the third part of the hardest NY OA to collect from old Area 2-G,  the discussion moved to the neckerchiefs from Ona Yote Kaonaga Lodge #500.

Ray Gould said:

N-01,1.5,2 (SSC “WWW” on white cloth…I have none of these but have seen some examples sell…not sure which of the three is toughest) NEED all 3!!!

In the comments, Dave Scocca asked:

For Ona Yote Kaonaga, are N1, N1.5, N2 really three distinct issues? (Were they made at different times, or of slightly different material, or with some slight differences other than the position of the screened image?) Or is it one batch of neckerchiefs with a good deal of variation in the screen placement, and with the chance that other spacings (60mm, 40mm) are also circulating out there?

I can’t answer that categorically myself.  I only have one of the 3 neckerchief in question the N1.5 (design; starts 25 mm from tip). As you can see in the image below, the bottom of the neckerchief is rounded.  In the pictures on OA Images of the N1 and N2 the bottom of the neckerchiefs seem to come more to a point.  This would indicate that they are truly separate issues and not just a factor of screen placement.

There are at least two other Lodge #500 collectors who read this blog, can any of you provide clearer scans of the 500 N1 and N2?

Ona Yote Kaonaga Lodge #500 N1.5