Section NE-2A 1995 Section Conclave

ConclaveAnother scan from George Jennings, this one from the 1995 NE-2A Section Conclave.

The Host Lodge is Skanondo Lodge #64, and it was held at Camp Ranachqua part of the Ten Mile River Scout Camps.
The lodges which were part of NE-2A at the time were #’s 15 , 28, 64, 313, 369, 427, 443, 444, and 553.

There was also a Jacket Patch of the same design.

Section NE-2A 1995 Section Conclave

Update October 2011 Here is an image of the Jacket Patch.

Section NE-2A 1995 Jacket Patch

Currently a need of mine if anyone has one for trade or sale.

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Author: nyoatrader
To share information about new or newly discovered Order of the Arrows patches, flaps, odd-shapes, neckerchiefs, event and chapter issues from New York State Order of the Arrow Lodges, warnings about fakes, spoof, and reproductions and any other information that may be of interest to New York State OA Collectors.

3 thoughts on “Section NE-2A 1995 Section Conclave

  1. Legend confirmed!

    In the 16 years since this event, I had only heard “rumors” of the 1995 NE2A jacket patch. I had never seen one, knew no other collector who had one, nor even a picture of it. Now I can finally confirm it does exist, and will send you a scan for your blog/website.

    In wWw,


  2. I was at this conclave with 443 and I remember the jacket patch being sold but it also being quite expensive. I was in the prime of my being a youth with a job and no bills and I even passed on buying it as I felt it just cost too much.

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