Hardest NY OA To Collect – Area 2G Part 3

Hardest NY OA To Collect

Here is the third installment of Ray Gould’s choices for the hardest NY OA to collect from his specialty old Area 2-G and its successor lodges. Ray preface his remarks with the following comments:

Through time, I’ve found the following to be among the very toughest OA in the nation to collect (most of the following have less than 10 known examples ……approx. 1/2 have less than 5 examples…and most are undervalued). They are representative of the lodges I collect.

#357 Adirondack

  • R-01 (3″ round)

Adirondack Lodge #357 R1

  • X-01 and X-02

Adirondack Lodge #357 X1

I’m not sure I’d include the 357 R1 on this list, it may be one of the toughest pieces from the lodge, but it is seen from time to time. John Pannell is showing 4 sales of each on eBay over the last 5 years.

#410 Nischa Nitis

  • J-01 (“Ceremonial Team” b/p) NEED!!!
  • N-01 (not sure how rare this is) NEED!!!

I just wrote up the 410 J1 separately, click the link above. The N1 is a need of mine as well.
#410 Aola (IMHO…none rank among the toughest…even the n/c pie shows occasionally)

I’d think the P1 ( while not a 1o items or less known) would qualify here. Only 2 or showing sold of either variety on John Pannell’s database.

#461 Manatoanna

  • N-02 (Grey bkgrd and BLK goose) NEED!!!
  • F-04 (tough black twill flap)

#465 Yahnundasis (IMHO…none rank among the toughest)

#500 Ona Yote Kaonaga (sorry Gary Hnydowitz, I’ve seen the R-01 and P-01 sell more frequent than those listed below)

  • N-0.5 (embroidered “WWW” on white cloth…a few examples have surfaced in last 3-5 years)

Ona Yote Kaonaga Lodge #500 N0.5

  • N-01,1.5,2 (SSC “WWW” on white cloth…I have none of these but have seen some examples sell…not sure which of the three is toughest) NEED all 3!!!

#516 Onondaga (again, IMHO, none make the list)



  1. Dave Scocca says:

    For Ona Yote Kaonaga, are N1, N1.5, N2 really three distinct issues? (Were they made at different times, or of slightly different material, or with some slight differences other than the position of the screened image?) Or is it one batch of neckerchiefs with a good deal of variation in the screen placement, and with the chance that other spacings (60mm, 40mm) are also circulating out there?

  2. Ray Gould says:

    You’ve got me on that one. I’ll do some digging with the former #500 members I know and hopefully have some answers. Will post at a later time. I know very little about them at this time (but plan to learn more…as well as make some acquisitions).
    My best-

  3. Neale Cummings says:


    I would have to also include with Lodge 357 the N1 and the L1. Neither has been seen on eBay in the last 2 – 3 years.

    The Nischa Nitis Lodge 410 J1 patch I received is mint condition.


  4. nyoatrader says:

    I’d agree both are tough, and have not been seen on eBay recently.
    OA Iamges member database (http://www.oaimages.com/new_member.shtml) shows a half dozen of the N1’s sold, but none since late 2005 and only 2 of the L1’s (none since 2003) so they are tough.

  5. Neale Cummings says:

    If we were to add the Area II-G Conclave items into this mix I would have to say that the 1953/54 patch, 1955 neckerchief or patch, 1956/57 neckerchief and the 1959 neckerchief. The rest of the years every now and then they pop up on eBay.

    This link will take you to all the Area II-G (1950’s) thru NE 3B (2000’s) Conclave items I have collected over the years. Other collectors can contact the web master and he will add their pictures also.



  6. Jeffrey Comet says:

    Jeff Comet here. Watertown, NY
    I’ve been out of Scouting since the late 70s, but I was asked to help a bit with the Camporee this weekend.
    I have a “Green Triangle” from Adirondack Lodge 357 since I left scouting.

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