A Gaggle of Nischa Nitas Lodge #410 Ceremonial Team Patches

I recently posted on a Nischa Nitas Lodge #410 Ceremonial Team Patch that became available on eBay. Neale Cummings left a comment that he had also just acquired one.

It now seems that a third has appeared on eBay with a Buy It Now of $ 1500.00. The description does not mention condition, but it looks to be in pretty good shape.

Are your pockets deep enough? Unfortunately mine aren’t.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mil8



  1. Neale Cummings says:

    I received the Nischa Nitis Lodge 410 J1 Ceremonial Team Jacket Patch and it is in MINT condition. Perfect addition to my collection.


  2. Eddy Stone says:

    HI, I ve been trying get one of the Ceremonial Team patchs for a long time. I have the almost the complet set of the 410 lodge. Money is no object let me know, email me back pleace.


    Eddy Stone

  3. SK1 Joe E. Smith says:

    Eddy—Don’t know if you would be interested, but I have a “Framed SET” available from Lodge #410–You can send message to:


    Thanks—– SK1 Joe E. Smith
    U.S. Navy (RET.)

  4. eddy stone says:

    email me this is ed yes ok

  5. Brandon DeVito says:

    as a former ceremonialist from lodge 410 i know that there are only 25 in existence from what the original ceremonial advisor told me. My collection is only missing this item. I would love to see a list of who owns 1 of the 25 made.

  6. Kirk Doan says:

    I have the 410 ceremonial team jacket patch in my collection if you are taking a census of the 25 that were issued.

  7. paul says:

    my 410 collection is only missing the J1 Ceremonial Team Jacket Patch been trying to find one of these for a long time I have seen 3 in person two in others collections one being the one talked about here for 1500 on eBay as my pockets were not that deep i knew whos were another being in the set at camp woodland and one being traded in the field at 1992 world brotherhood member of my troop pointed me towards it when i got there it had just been traded kid let it go for a very cheap single council strip he had no idea what he had probably belonged to dad or big brother i tracked down who it went to and had a not so great conversation with someone that shouldn’t of been in scouting…regarding how he just took a 1500$ dollar patch form a kid for a 3$ one and was cursed out and spit at for calling him out on a very unfair trade was a very sad day in my scouting carer

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