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A Look Back – Kamargo Lodge #294 X1.5 and X2

A Look BackA year ago we posted on the Kamargo Lodge #284 X1.5 and X2.

Kamargo Lodge #294 R2 and X2 on Neckerchief

The X2 has been listed in the Blue Book for some time, it is a cloth arrow sewn to a red neckerchief. They could be removed from the neckerchief and you would have 3 patches; in this case 2 X2’s and an R2. The neckerchief itself, normally has the R2 or R3 sewn to it. The image is an R2 and X2 on the neckerchief.

If you click on the thumbnail, a larger image will open. If you zoom in on the arrow, you can see it is applied to the neckerchief.

Kamargo Lodge #294 R3 and X1.5 on NeckerchiefThe X1.5 is an new addition to Blue Book VI and is described as follows:

294 X1.5 WHT C WHT – – chain stitch arrow worn on NC w/R2

This image is an R3 and X1.5, so the description is inaccurate. It should read on NC w/R2 or R3.

I’m of two minds on this. While the arrows are undeniably different than the X2, they are embroidered on the neckerchief and are not a separate patch and unlike the X2, cannot be removed from the neckerchief.

The question than becomes should it be listed at all or how should it be listed. I think the stronger argument would be to list it as an N1.7. i.e – – RED – – two white chainstiched arrows w/R2 or R3.


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Section NE-3A 2006 Conclave Set

ConclaveAnother Section Conclave set sent along by Matt Crance.  This one is from the 2006 NE-3A Section Conclave.

Section NE-3A 2006 Conclave Set

Matt advises:

Everyone got the patch but the flap had to be purchased I am not sure if it is considered part of 255 or not. If you completed “the Challenge” you got the 255 pin.

While it could be considered that the flap is a Lodge #255 Gyantwachia which was available for sale to all on the event; I’m leaning towards it being a Conclave issue. It does not contain the Lodge name or number although that by itself would not be determinative.  I’ll let the PA Blue Book Editor make the call as to whether it is a #255 issue; but it is certainly collectible as a conclave item.

Update August 2013 Chris Carlson sends along an image of the Conclave Booklet.

2006 NE-3A Conclave Booklet

2006 NE-3A Conclave Booklet

Clicking on the image will bring you to a larger version.

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Section NE-2A 1995 Section Conclave

ConclaveAnother scan from George Jennings, this one from the 1995 NE-2A Section Conclave.

The Host Lodge is Skanondo Lodge #64, and it was held at Camp Ranachqua part of the Ten Mile River Scout Camps.
The lodges which were part of NE-2A at the time were #’s 15 , 28, 64, 313, 369, 427, 443, 444, and 553.

There was also a Jacket Patch of the same design.

Section NE-2A 1995 Section Conclave

Update October 2011 Here is an image of the Jacket Patch.

Section NE-2A 1995 Jacket Patch

Currently a need of mine if anyone has one for trade or sale.

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Allentown PA Trade-O-Ree



OK so its not in NY,  but here is a TOR that many in the NY area might be interested in attending.  I personally haven’t been to this one myself.


Ninth Annual Allentown TOR sponsored by Witauchsoman Lodge #44 of the Minsi Trails Counci


WHEN: Saturday – April 5, 2008

TIME: Open 9:00am to 3:00pm

WHERE: near Allentown, PA
Specific location:
Jordan Lutheran Church
5103 Snowdrift Road
Orefield, PA 18069

You can find a flier with full details here.


Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 R2 Rededication 1990

Identification AideMatthew Crance sends along an image of the Ganeodiyo #417 R2 which is not currently pictured on OA Images.

According to Matt,

Got this picture from a friend- one had to attend to get the patch. 100 made about 40 participants. Reportedly part of the ceremony included the burning of the rest of the patches that were not given out.

It certainly is one of the toughest patches from Ganeodiyo Lodge (and still a need of mine if anyone has one laying around).

Ganeodiyo #417 R2 Redeciation Day


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Wikipedia Featured Article – E. Urner Goodman

John Pannell points out todays featured article on Wikipedia; on E. Urner Goodman who with Caroll A. Edson founded the Order of the Arrow.

Goodman is best remembered today for having created the Order of the Arrow (OA), a popular and highly successful program of the BSA which continues to honor Scouts for their cheerful service. Since its founding in 1915, the Order of the Arrow has grown to become a nationwide program having thousands of members, which recognizes those Scouts who best exemplify the virtues of cheerful service, camping, and leadership by membership in BSA’s honor society. As of 2007, the Order of the Arrow has more than 183,000 members.

If you haven’t checked it out already, give it a read and learn a bit more about one of our founders.


Central New York Camp Woodlands TOR June 2008


Dick Krzyiewski sends word of the upcoming Central New York Trade-O-Ree Scouting Memorabilia & Trade Show.

Date: SATURDAY, JUNE 14th 2008
Time: 9AM TO 5PM
Where: CAMP WOODLAND, Kibbie Lake Road, Constantia, NY 13044

This year is the 16th Anniversary of the William Hillcourt Scout Museum and Carson Buck Memorial Library. Once again, Order of the Arrow Lodge 219, Kayanernh-Kowa will be hosting their Annual Spring Fellowship in Camp the same weekend. This combination of events has helped boost attendance very well in the past.

We are also extremely happy to inform you that we have completed the Museum building expansion project. The newly renovated Museum now displays over 2500 square feet of Scouting History. We are proud of all of the Individuals and Companies that made this project such a huge success. Admission is always FREE, so Please stop in and explore Scouting’s past.

This is one I’ve attended before and had a good time there last year.  Hopefully will be there again this year.

Camp Woodland is located approximately 30 minutes North from Syracuse. From the New York State Thruway, Take interstate (I 81) North to Exit 32 (Central Square), travel East (right turn) on Route 49, travel approximately 8 miles thru the town of Constantia, turn left on Kibbie Lake Road, the Camp entrance is 2 ½ miles on the left.


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