Kittan Lodge #364 Fake?

I recently posted on the new first flap from Kittan Lodge #364, the result of the absorption of Adirondack Council into Twin Rivers Council and the change in Haudenosaunee Lodge #19 to Kittan Lodge.

Recently a new seller appeared on eBay, Discountbar from Hunan China. He has be selling various types of patches including Scout Patches. Descriptions are generic, two piece sets are sold separately, CSP’s are referred to as OA, etc. There has been speculation on Patch-L, that this is another “Chang”; although likely not the same individual.

One of the OA flaps he had for auction was the Kittan S1. Both one traded from a lodge member and one from Hunan China are pictured below:

Kittan Lodge #364 Fake?

Can you tell which is which? I can’t from the scans. Actually the top one is direct from China. The only difference is the ‘import’ feels a bit flimsier like the Plastic Backing is not as thick. Could be a variation within the run or maybe it failed some sort of quality control. I have not seen any more of these issued by that seller; but unfortunately, it seems like there is no way to confidently tell them apart.

John Pannell had a similar post on his blog about the same seller.