Wakanda Lodge #186 Medal

Question MarkAnother item I picked up at the Central New York Trade-O-Ree earlier this month was a Service Award from Wakanda Lodge #186. I had seen these medals in the past, but had never picked one up before.

As you can see, the medal has a green background, and Red WWW and 186, suspended from a yellow and green ribbon.

Based on the design, I suspect this is from the early 1980’s and further that it is a youth award.
Wakanda Lodge #186 X1 1983 NOAC

My reasoning for this is that the design matches that of the X1 (pictured at right ) which was issued for youth members attending the 1983 NOAC.

Does anyone have any information or paperwork that would confirm this and outline the requirements to earn this award?

Wakanda Lodge #186 Service Medal Youth?


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