Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 S1a and S1b varieties

One of the new variations in Blue Book VI was the addition of an a and b varieties to the Ganeodiyo Lodge S1. Many of the Blue Book VI variations, at least for the NY Lodges were the result of Bill Tpokis and Jeff Morely comparing and inventorying their collections, prior to the sale to the International Scouting Museum in Las Vegas.

Bill and Jeff discovered a variation in the first solid flap from Ganeodiyo. The lettering of the lodge name (and number) was in two different shades of blue. Held side by side, the difference is clear. Although the lettering in the S1b is described as Dark Blue, to me it is darker than the S1a, but not a dark blue.

Here are the pair scanned together. The top flap is the S1a, the bottom the S1b.

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 S1a and S1b varieties

Does anyone have the pair with a more distinct color difference?

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