Paul Myers on Early BSA Non-khaki Badges

The Scout Patch Auction News and Views recently posted what they say is the first podcast, while I believe it is the first video podcast on Scouting Collectibles, our friends at ClothTalk, I believe, have the distinction of the first audio podcast.

(This) podcast is an interview we recently did with Paul Myers discussing the different uniform cloth the BSA used and the badges that match them.

Some background

Paul is a leading authority on BSA insignia as he has been a collector and researcher of this area for over forty years (boy he sure looks young!). He has published many articles and books on BSA memorabilia. His most recent is a full-color edition of Collecting Boy Rank badges. Paul has received numerous awards and recognitions for his contributions to the hobby.

You can watch the video podcast here. The video podcast is a great way to show the differences between the various types and colors of the various scouting uniforms and patches from the early days of Scouting.

I hope this is a feature Roy and Destry continue.