Report from the Central New York TOR

Last weekend was the 4th Annual Central New York TOR, held in Camp Woodlands last Saturday.  The proceeds from the Tradeoree help support the William Hillcourt Scout Museum in that Camp. Unfortunately the Museum was closed, but the good news is it was closed due to the current expansion  and should reopen in the fall.

I have not been able to attend the TOR’s at Camp Woodland since they moved to June a few years ago, so this was an opportunity for me to catch up with some old friends that I see to infrequently.

The TOR had about 20 +/- tables, and include Bob and Vicki Burt, Steve Austin, Mike Hinman, Ray Gould, Scott Bracken, John Reed, Frank and Lyman and several others.  Traffic was modest, but a few trades and sales were made including a few items which will show up as posts over the next few days.

Thanks to Dick Krzyiewski and the museum crew for hosting the TOR, I’ll be putting on my calendar for next year.