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Canceled – Half Moon Lodge #28 Trade-O-Ree June 9, 2007 – Canceled



George Jennings brings word that the Half Moon Lodge #28 TOR scheduled for this weekend has been postponed. He had questioned both the Lodge and Staff Advisor and received the following reply.

Due to low signups the event has been postponed. A new date and location will be announced shortly.

Once the new information is available I will post it to the blog.



What Made “U” Collect A Specific Lodge?

Matt Kirkland asks What Made “U” Collect A Specific Lodge? on his blog The BlackEagleTrader.

Patch collecting changes or evolves as interests in the field change from person to person. Ever sit back and thank how it all begin…or even how it will all end?

How would I answer this question.  Well I guess I started more as an accumulator than a collector.  I started collecting OA as many do as a one for one trader at the West Point Camporee and the 1973 Jamboree.  I did collect all of the issues from my home Lodge – Shu Shu Gah #24.  While I did have access to Bill Price’s OA Collecting Handbook, I was by no means part of the organized hobbby.  Life got in the way of collecting and fast forward 10 years in 1985 at the NE-3A Section Conclave, I began trading again.

At this point, I became aware of and part of the organized hobby with the collectors journals and the Trade-o-ree circuit in the Northeast.  My 100+/- accumualtion, became the basis for a name and number set.  By 1990-1991, my numbers needs were less than 50 and the going was getting tough (especially on the pocket).  In these pre-eBay days, the only time I was seeing my needs was on dealer or auction lists and rarely at TOR’s.

Did you expand your collecting interests? Did you narrow your collecting interests?…perhaps a combo of both?

Here, I think my answer is both.  I decided to limit my collection to New York State and sold off most of my non-NY name and numbers (which helped cover the closing costs on a piece of property I bought) .  This cut my collecting interest from 700+./- names and numbers by about 90% to the 70 or so NY OA Lodges.  I expanded my sights from a  single issue to six flaps (one page of a 6-hole page) to all lodge issues.

This eventually expanded to all Lodge and chapter issues from NY OA Lodges including neckerchiefs and event patches.  Today, the Blue Book, recognizes about 3000 issues and varieties from New York State and I collect them all.  I’ve also started to dable in NYS Section Conclave issues too.

What do you collect? 


Mahikan Lodge #181 Pennant

There was a recent Ebay auction for a pennant from Mahikan Lodge #181.  Mahikan merged with Mohawk Lodge #267 in 1963 to form Nischa-Nimat Lodge #181.  Eventually becoming part of Kittan Lodge today.

While I have seen a number of different pennants from Scout Camps over the years, I can’t recall ever seeing one from an OA Lodge before.

Does anyone have other examples of OA pennants from any of New York Lodges?

Mahikan Lodge #181 Pennant

Mahikan Lodge #181 Pennant


I have copied the images from eBay since it will dissapear before to long.


New Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief N15 Sewout

New Issue John Tegtmeier shares a scan of the sewout for a new neckerchief from Ranachqua Lodge #4. While there may be some minor variations when the order is received, this will be the new N15.  Apparently it is restricted to Lodge members only, but unrestricted within the Lodge.

Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief N15 Sewout

Assuming no changes to the design or neckerchief, the Blue Book stats would be:
N15 DGR P BLK M/C M/C FDL’s 1BLK, 1 GRN; Emb. Name BLK/GRN; BLK WWW, Lodge No.4 1920, Design of P1


ClothTalk 028 – Arrow Ads

ClothTalk LogoThe guys at ClothTalk have posted another podcast, let them tell you what its about, than have a listen.

This week we actually take you to Camp Sidney Dew for the SR-6South Conclave. Listen in to the trades and tales that took place at this incredible gathering. Also, Ben and Tim chat with John Pannell of Check out his blog.

Hear about the new ‘Arrow Ads’ just released by Coosa Shows. Watch them now at

Also, check out the new look of The Scout History Wiki at


Half Moon Lodge #28 Fake ZS2?

FakeCleaning out my In-Box, I came across a few emails on an oddity from Half Moon Lodge I had been asked about. Three or four years ago, I had been given a color photocopy of an odd looking Half Moon Lodge #28 Flap. The person told me he had traded for it over a year ago and didn’t know anything else about it.  The story I later heard from another individual, was that the patch may have been some sort of executive board issue but the person only had this information third or fourth hand.

I was never able to track down any further information, but last summer I exchanged a few emails with the Lodge Advisor Bob D. and another member of the Lodge Tom W.

Tom wrote:

I am sure it was never a official issue but I believe it was a concoction by 2 youth who have been maybe a bit disgruntle and you got this drawing to you. I have Copied Bob DxXxxxx the Lodge Advisor and the final decision is his but I have never seen the picture. I do remember seeing a flap put together with glue 1 side being pink and the other I can’t remember but again not an official issue by no means unless the LEC at that time privately voted as it was presented at some Lodge event (I think a Winter banquet) but again I do not remember or can I find anybody who remembers it being official.

Bob D. the Advisor wrote “Yes the patch from (our) earlier (correspondence) is a FAKE.

I am not able to provide a complete description since I cannot tell all of the details about the patch from the photocopy I have.

 Half Moon Lodge #28 Fake ZS2?


409 Tuighaunock S16 – Whatsit

Question Mark I was recently asked:

I am looking for a 409S16.  Unfortunately I don’t know what it looks like as there is not one pictured on  Do you have one you could trade to me, and if not, do you have a picture of one so I know what I am looking for?

I replied with The 409S16 is also a need of mine.  I have not seen one.  It was added to the BB by Bob Connor before I took over from him.

I suspect it may be a duplicate of the S14 S14.5 or another S10 design variant.

By S10 variant,  I mean following the design of the S10 (pictured below) but with the dimensions of the S16 description.

The full description for the S16 is:
S16 RED R M/C RED DYL FDL; 53x114mm

Image used with the permission of OAImages

409 Tuighaunock S10

Does anyone have a 409 S16 in their collection or duplicates?

I’d be interested in a trade or at least a good scan to validate the existence of the issue and upgrade the BB description.

[phpbay]Tuighaunock Lodge, 10[/phpbay]

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