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Wakanda Lodge #186 Medal

Question MarkAnother item I picked up at the Central New York Trade-O-Ree earlier this month was a Service Award from Wakanda Lodge #186. I had seen these medals in the past, but had never picked one up before.

As you can see, the medal has a green background, and Red WWW and 186, suspended from a yellow and green ribbon.

Based on the design, I suspect this is from the early 1980’s and further that it is a youth award.
Wakanda Lodge #186 X1 1983 NOAC

My reasoning for this is that the design matches that of the X1 (pictured at right ) which was issued for youth members attending the 1983 NOAC.

Does anyone have any information or paperwork that would confirm this and outline the requirements to earn this award?

Wakanda Lodge #186 Service Medal Youth?


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Shinnecock Lodge #360 Neckerchief Slide

After a brief hiatus, we have another neckerchief slide from a New York Lodge. This one is from Mister OAimages himself, John Pannell. Some of you may not know, but Shinnecock Lodge, was where John was inducted years ago in the dim ages.

Earlier entries in this series, can be found by clicking on the Neckerchief category in the left sidebar.

John has a similar filing system to mine, but he did add the following:

As you can see, it’s handpainted on handcarved wood so I’d expect some significant variations. I have two of them but this was the first one I found in the mess here…

Shinnecock Lodge #360 Neckerchief Slide

As you can see, it depicts the Tern, the Shinnecock Lodge totem.

If anyone has other slides or bolos from a New York State OA Lodge, please send images of them along to share with us.

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Paul Myers on Early BSA Non-khaki Badges

The Scout Patch Auction News and Views recently posted what they say is the first podcast, while I believe it is the first video podcast on Scouting Collectibles, our friends at ClothTalk, I believe, have the distinction of the first audio podcast.

(This) podcast is an interview we recently did with Paul Myers discussing the different uniform cloth the BSA used and the badges that match them.

Some background

Paul is a leading authority on BSA insignia as he has been a collector and researcher of this area for over forty years (boy he sure looks young!). He has published many articles and books on BSA memorabilia. His most recent is a full-color edition of Collecting Boy Rank badges. Paul has received numerous awards and recognitions for his contributions to the hobby.

You can watch the video podcast here. The video podcast is a great way to show the differences between the various types and colors of the various scouting uniforms and patches from the early days of Scouting.

I hope this is a feature Roy and Destry continue.


Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 S1a and S1b varieties

One of the new variations in Blue Book VI was the addition of an a and b varieties to the Ganeodiyo Lodge S1. Many of the Blue Book VI variations, at least for the NY Lodges were the result of Bill Tpokis and Jeff Morely comparing and inventorying their collections, prior to the sale to the International Scouting Museum in Las Vegas.

Bill and Jeff discovered a variation in the first solid flap from Ganeodiyo. The lettering of the lodge name (and number) was in two different shades of blue. Held side by side, the difference is clear. Although the lettering in the S1b is described as Dark Blue, to me it is darker than the S1a, but not a dark blue.

Here are the pair scanned together. The top flap is the S1a, the bottom the S1b.

Ganeodiyo Lodge #417 S1a and S1b varieties

Does anyone have the pair with a more distinct color difference?

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Gonlix Lodge #34 Artist’s Rendition of F1 – First Flap

Ray Gould has found an interesting item of Gonlix Lodge history. He made contact with a former Lodge Chief from the early 1960’s… Well I’ll let him tell it.

As alluded to earlier, I’ve finally received the original drawing (I’m guessing it was the patch company’s rendering…but certainly could have been drawn locally…although doubtful) used for the Gonlix Lodge F-01. It measures roughly 9.5″ x 4.25″.

The gentleman I received it from was a 2 term lodge chief (1962 and 1963). He has all three A-1 varieties (a,b, and c) in his collection of items saved from his Scouting youth (the a and c both on neckerchiefs…yes, he still has them currently) but he did not have the F-01 (he had never seen it…I’ll be sending him a scan to show him how it turned out). He remembers the flap idea being discussed during his tenure as chief but they were not available at that time. He went off to college late 1963 or 1964 (I’ll need to confirm with him) and I’m guessing it was manufactured shortly thereafter (circa 1964). I hope you enjoy seeing this early one-of-a-kind piece of history from Gonlix #34.

Gonlix Lodge #34 Artist’s Rendition of F1 - First Flap

Click on the small image to see it full size.

Here is the finished product.

Gonlix F1 First Flap

Ray thanks again for sharing this one.


Wakanda Lodge#186 YP1

Question MarkAnother unusual find at the Central NY TOR in Camp Woodlands was an oddity from Wakanda Lodge #186. Wakanda Lodge #186 merged with Seneca Lodge #394 to form Tkaen Dod Lodge #186 in late 1990 (after the 1990 NOAC).

I have never seen this item before, the story I was told, was that this item was issued just prior to the merger to the Vigil members of the lodge. Again the report was that there were only 15-20 made; with the possible existence of prototypes in other colors.

Can anyone confirm this information or provide other proof as to how and when it was issued?

Wakanda Lodge#186 YP1

Until I can fin out more, this will tentatively be identified as a Y issue. This could change to Z or P depending on what can be found out.

YP1 TAN C YEL BLK – BLK WWW, RED 186 Design of P1 TR verification pending


Water Features

A while back, John Pannell featured a post on his blog about a water feature he added to his yard. In the spirit of friendly competition, I thought I’d share a picture of my water feature 🙂 .

Ten Mile River

I can’t take credit for digging it out like John did his.