ClothTalk 029 – Together at last

The guys at ClothTalk have another new podcast available. You can find it here:
ClothTalk 029 – Together at last
Kaskanampo Lodge 310 - F5

We’re duplicating the ‘Arrow Ads’ DVDs, which you can purchase online right now at

We talk with John Pannell about some World Jamboree patches that are already coming out. (including issues from Egwa Tawa Dee 129, Aal-Pa-Tah 237, O-Shot-Caw 265, Talidandaganu 293, Amangamek Wipit 470, Black Eagle 482, Yokahu 506) We also speak about Tipisa Lodge 326’s new Memorial Day backpatch, And a new potential fake (S11) from Wahunsenakah Lodge 333. For more information on any of these subjects, check out John’s blog at

Also this week, Ben shares his story of the final two Kaskanampo 310 patches issued before the lodge merged (the S21 and F5). Listen in for the interesting tales associated with these two final patches.