Tuighaunock Lodge #409 YS2 Discovery?

Discovery While at the Central New York TOR this past weekend, Scott Bracken (who is a CSP collector) showed me a flap from Tuighaunock Lodge#409 which he was having problems identifying.  There was a good reason as it was not listed in the Blue Book or on OA Images

Tuighaunock Lodge merged in 1994 with Amo’Chk Lodge #339 to form Ashokwahta Lodge #339.  In 12+ years since the merger and attending TOR’s throughout upstate NY, I do not recall ever having seen it before

The first thing that stuck me is that it had a gray background which none of the other 409 flaps have. While it may not be apparent from the scan, it has a Dark Blue border with a black lockstitch. The base material as you can see from the scan of the back is white and it is a cloth back.

Please check your dupes and collections and let me know if you have another patch like this one.

Tuighaunock Lodge #409 YS2 Discovery?

My tentative thoughts are to call this the YS2 until more information can be obtained.

Blue Book Stats:
YS2 DBL R GRY BLK YEL FDL; RED WWW BLK Lewiston Trail, Black Bear CB