Onteroraus Lodge #402 S42 Ordeal Flap

New IssueDon Tuttle has brought word of a new issue from Onteroraus Lodge #402. Before I get to it, I need to report on some other new issues which will require me to renumber the 2006 NOAC flap (previously the S42 now S45) and the 2006 NOAC Section NE-3B Flap from Lodge 402 (previously the S43 now S46).

The first issue here is the S42. This is the updaated version of the S26 Ordeal Flap. As you can see from the scan below, the S26 has Swiss Embroidery and the new S42 is Computer Designed (CD), the border is also a Darker Red.

Onteroraus Lodge #402 S26 and S42 Ordeal Flaps

Blue Book Description:
S42 DRD R M/C ORG DGR FDL; Fall Scene, no leaves on lower rightmost tree branch CD Ordeal

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