Half Moon Lodge #28 Fake ZS2?

FakeCleaning out my In-Box, I came across a few emails on an oddity from Half Moon Lodge I had been asked about. Three or four years ago, I had been given a color photocopy of an odd looking Half Moon Lodge #28 Flap. The person told me he had traded for it over a year ago and didn’t know anything else about it.  The story I later heard from another individual, was that the patch may have been some sort of executive board issue but the person only had this information third or fourth hand.

I was never able to track down any further information, but last summer I exchanged a few emails with the Lodge Advisor Bob D. and another member of the Lodge Tom W.

Tom wrote:

I am sure it was never a official issue but I believe it was a concoction by 2 youth who have been maybe a bit disgruntle and you got this drawing to you. I have Copied Bob DxXxxxx the Lodge Advisor and the final decision is his but I have never seen the picture. I do remember seeing a flap put together with glue 1 side being pink and the other I can’t remember but again not an official issue by no means unless the LEC at that time privately voted as it was presented at some Lodge event (I think a Winter banquet) but again I do not remember or can I find anybody who remembers it being official.

Bob D. the Advisor wrote “Yes the patch from (our) earlier (correspondence) is a FAKE.

I am not able to provide a complete description since I cannot tell all of the details about the patch from the photocopy I have.

 Half Moon Lodge #28 Fake ZS2?