Tkaen DoD Lodge #186 Senaca Chapter R1 & R2 Question

I recently came across an old picture of several rounds from Senaca Lodge #394 and Senaca Chapter of Tkaen DoD #186 and Tkaen DoD #30. The quality of the scan is not the best; I think it was a scan of a color photocopy, as there appears to be crease marks in it. The Tkaen Dod #186 issue appears on OAImages but it sparked a question in my mind.

The Blue Book describes two chapter issues from Senaca Chapter of Tkaen DoD Lodge #186. Since the lodge is a result of the merger of the old Lodges Wakanda #186 and Senaca #394, it is likely that Senaca Chapter followed the traditions of Senaca Lodge and issued a Spring into Scouting Patch.

The Blue Book descriptions are:
R2 YEL R DBL YEL RED FDL; Spring into Scouting

The only version I have ever seen is

Tkaen DoD Lodge #186 Senaca Chapter R2

Now while this matches the description of the R2, it also closely tracks the R1.

Does anyone have a copy of this patch without the FDL or that otherwise matches the R1 description?

My suspicion is the R2 is a duplicate listing for an incompletely described R1. What do you think?