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Question Mark I was recently asked:

I am looking for a 409S16.  Unfortunately I don’t know what it looks like as there is not one pictured on OAImages.com.  Do you have one you could trade to me, and if not, do you have a picture of one so I know what I am looking for?

I replied with The 409S16 is also a need of mine.  I have not seen one.  It was added to the BB by Bob Connor before I took over from him.

I suspect it may be a duplicate of the S14 S14.5 or another S10 design variant.

By S10 variant,  I mean following the design of the S10 (pictured below) but with the dimensions of the S16 description.

The full description for the S16 is:
S16 RED R M/C RED DYL FDL; 53x114mm

Image used with the permission of OAImages

409 Tuighaunock S10

Does anyone have a 409 S16 in their collection or duplicates?

I’d be interested in a trade or at least a good scan to validate the existence of the issue and upgrade the BB description.

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