Canceled – Half Moon Lodge #28 Trade-O-Ree June 9, 2007 – Canceled



George Jennings brings word that the Half Moon Lodge #28 TOR scheduled for this weekend has been postponed. He had questioned both the Lodge and Staff Advisor and received the following reply.

Due to low signups the event has been postponed. A new date and location will be announced shortly.

Once the new information is available I will post it to the blog.




  1. John Pannell says:

    This is how you kill a TOR.

    I wonder how those who show up looking for the TOR will feel when they show up to find and find it’s been cancelled… at the last minute. I would not be too happy, epsecially if I had driven any sort of distance to get there.


  2. nyoatrader says:

    This TOR started out with a least two strikes against it. First it has the most expensive table fees for a one day TOR in the NY metro area (call it a 75 miles radius); and this for a start-up TOR. Secondly, the TOR is scheduled against an established TOR held near Syracuse, NY and while not sponsored by the lodge, is being held by another council in the section (NE-3B). While Syracuse is a 5 hour drive from NYC, it is 2-2.5 from the Albany area which would also be a draw for the Half Moon TOR.

    At least two of the Section NE-3B Lodges are holding competing events that weekend. Lodge 219 is holding a Spring fellowship (at the Camp where the 4th Annual Central NY TOR is being held) and Lodge 402 is holding a Brotherhood weekend too.

    And your right depending on how many people show up for a canceled event, could turn them off for any rescheduled date.

  3. Frank Mullane says:

    The cancellation was the first I heard of this TOR. Flyers should have been out at the other TOR’s. If you are going to hold a summer TOR, it should be held after school closes. I have more graduations, communions, etc at this time of year (May-June) that are a must to attend. Perhaps late April or late August would have been a better time. Frank

  4. nyoatrader says:

    I guess you missed my post back in February 🙂

    But I agree lack of publicity, the table price and the timing have killed this TOR.

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