Section NE-2A 1995 Section Conclave

ConclaveAnother scan from George Jennings, this one from the 1995 NE-2A Section Conclave.

The Host Lodge is Skanondo Lodge #64, and it was held at Camp Ranachqua part of the Ten Mile River Scout Camps.
The lodges which were part of NE-2A at the time were #’s 15 , 28, 64, 313, 369, 427, 443, 444, and 553.

There was also a Jacket Patch of the same design.

Section NE-2A 1995 Section Conclave

Update October 2011 Here is an image of the Jacket Patch.

Section NE-2A 1995 Jacket Patch

Currently a need of mine if anyone has one for trade or sale.

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  1. Legend confirmed!

    In the 16 years since this event, I had only heard “rumors” of the 1995 NE2A jacket patch. I had never seen one, knew no other collector who had one, nor even a picture of it. Now I can finally confirm it does exist, and will send you a scan for your blog/website.

    In wWw,


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