Hardest NY OA To Collect – Area 2G Part 2

Hardest NY OA To Collect

Here is the second installment of the hardest NY OA to collect as submitted by Ray Gould. As mentioned in the previous installment, Ray specializes in old Area 2-G lodges and their successors today.

  • #219 Kayanernh Kowa

See the first link for the scan and the second for information on the additional border colors.

More lodges after the jump:

  • #247 Tahgajute
  • N-0.5 (handmade neckerchief…not sure if official lodge issue) NEED!!!
  • J-03 (“Camp Rotary” b/p)

Tahgajute Lodge #247 J3


  • X-01…not sure how many are floating around

The 247 X1 is a tough one, aside from the N0.5 probably the toughest piece in the lodge.  The J3 is tough, probably because it would not be recognized as an OA issue by many collectors.

Kamargo Lodge #294 meets the definition of a small lodge with few traders. They have several issues which make the cut in Ray’s opinion.

  • #294 Kamargo
  • A-3 (“Executive Committee” SSC on felt)
  • F-01 (not true first flap…prototype, as per lodge chief from that time frame) NEED!!!
  • N-01 (flocked “WWW” on cloth) NEED!!!

Kamrgo Lodge #294 N1

Image used with permission of OA Images

  • N-01.5 (probably washed example of the N-01…listed as SSC on cloth…probably originally flocked) NEED!!!

Ray has noted in the past, that the N1.5 is likely the result of the washing of the N1, where the most of the flocking has washed away leaving a residue. I have not seen an N1.5 in person, only as a scan on eBay. It remains one of my needs as well.

  • N-04 (am told issue was a prototype/error with only 4-5 issues released to membership) NEED!!!
  • X-01 (“10th Anniversary”…probably does not exist…prove me wrong) NEED!!!

We will finish the Area 2-G lodges in the next posting. If anyone has any there own hardest NY OA suggestions please send them in.



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