Kamargo Lodge #294 X1 10th Anniversary

question-mark.jpgMore questions on Kamargo Lodge #294.  This time the Blue Book X1, the 10th Anniversary Patch.  This one based on the dates would have to have been issued in 1955.

Ray Gould has continued to dig and from the same source on the previous Kamargo post offers the following.

The 10th Anniversary does not exist.  I have told BlueBook this several times.  (They don’t pay attention).

Ray questions:

 With respect to the X-1, can anyone provide a scan?  I have been told by an additional source it doesn’t exist.  Should the listing be updated with the description “may not exist”?

I don’t have one in my collection, nor is one pictured on OA Images.  What do we know?

This patch has been listed in the Blue Book since the first edition in 1996.  It has also been listed in to prior guide books.

Arapaho, First Edition copyright 1979 list a 294 10th Anniversary patch as the X2 (Arapaho used a different numbering scheme counting P issues as X’s.).  It was described as BRN RED C M/C 10th Anniversary.

The Order of the Arrow in New York State by Al Rosenberger undated, but circa 1981 lists an 294 X2 BRN RED C M/C 10th Anniversary.

So this patch has been listed in the guidebooks for nearly 40 years.  But what is it?  It may not be a lodge issue or it may be some sort of camp patch or other issue.  Or it certainly could be a very small run issue that only a handful still exist (or were ever made) perhaps an early executive committee patch like the 294 A3.

Does anyone have one in their collections or can provide a scan?


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