OAImages.Com – Hidden Features

John Pannell recently posted on some hidden features on his site which can be invaluable in identifying that Whatsit we all seem to come across from time to time. When you have a lodge without a number or possible OA chapter issue with out lodge name or number, or if you collect a specific totem, John does his best to give you the tools to find it.

  • Alphabetical chapter Listings. Sometimes a patch has an obvious chapter name on it, but no lodge name. Without that lodge name it can be difficult to catalog a patch. So I created an Alphabetical Listing of Chapters. As you can see, this page still has some very old graphics from the earlier days of this site. One of these days I’ll update that.
  • Alpabetical Lodge Listings. Similar to the alphabetical chapter listings, there is also an alphabetical list of lodges. There are links to both these alphabetical lists on the bottom of most pages on the main part of this site.
  • OAImages Search. One can also search this site, with a search engine using the Google search engine.
  • Lodge search by totem. This was a project I created a while back. I had written code that reads the lodges’ names database on this site and creates a search form based upon the lodge totem. This is a very unrefined and literal search, a beta quality page that I never really refined, so one won’t find a link to it anywhere else on this site. I would appreciate your comments and criticism on this. Perhaps some day it will be refined more.

If your not using John’s site your missing out on a great resource.  Check out his blog to especially if you collect Florida or the Carolinas