Section NE-3 1988 Indian Seminar

Question Mark?Roy Whetherbee asked a question on Patch-L last week.

I have a few mystery patched that I’m hoping someone out there may be able to identify… 1987 Indian Seminar WWW. There was a National Indian Seminar held that year – perhaps this was a contingent piece? Would anybody know which lodge or chapter?

As it happens, I do know at least some of the history on that patch.

Here is the story as I know it.
Northeast Region Indian Seminar Back in 1987 there was an NE Region Indian Seminar (the real issue is pictured on the right).

Someone (lodge, individual, section officer?) ordered the patches pictured below on speculation for the event. They were not used.

In 1988, Section NE3 held and Indian Seminar at Camp Alpine and used these patches. There were two, a yellow border and a red border. One was for staff the other for participants.
I was on staff for the event (taught a couple of sessions on the Ordeal Ceremony I think) and have both the yellow and the red borders.
Since you have a single red one, I’m guessing the yellow was staff. My faulty memory can not remember for sure which was which.

Section NE-3 1988 Indian Seminar

Does anyone know which was the staff issue? Or supply any additional information on the patches and the event.

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