Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 Haunted Harvest Fest eX2007

New IssueAnother new issue uncovered at the Shu Shu Gah TOR last weekend. This one from Nacha Nimat Lodge #86. This is the second year a patch was issued for OA members serving on staff for the Haunted Harvest Fest. You can see the 2006 Haunted Harvest Fest Patch here. Once again, neither the Lodge name nor number appear on the patch.

I need one of these if anyone has one available for trade.

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 Haunted Harvest Fest  86eX2007

Blue Book Stats:
eX2007 BLK R BLK – – YEL Haunted Harvest Fest, OA Staff ORG 2007

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