Skanondo Lodge #64 Uncatalogued Fake ZF2.5

Focus on FakesI recently acquired a fake F1 flap from Skanondo Lodge #64.  Upon carefully comparing it to the ZF1 and ZF2  on OAimages, it has several minor characteristics which do not match the previously known fakes.  This uncatalogued variety, does not appear to be one of the modern fakes, but is very similar to the early fakes.  I’m not sure whether to make it a ZF2b or call it the ZF2.5.

Skanondo Lodge #64 Uncatalogued Fake ZF2.5

If you compare it to the ZF1 and ZF2, you will see the following differences from one or both flaps.  The arrowhead is shaped differently on this issue, there is a high tag between the GE of Lodge and a high tag between the ND in Skanondo, the eye is pointed on the left rather than rounded, the leftmost short point is distinct on this version.  This flap is also TRS, the other seem to be TRR from the scans.

My inclination is to call it the ZF2.5, what are your thoughts?

I have also noticed while reviewing the “real” F1 a, b, and c varieties versus the various fakes that there appears to be another common difference between the real and fake.  I’m not sure if this is universal across the universe of fakes however.

If you check all of the real scans on OAimages for the 64F1; you will see that the short point on the right does not reach or cross the arrow shaft.  On each of the fake, that same antler point extends over the arrow.  Can anyone else corroborate this?