Buckskin Lodge #412 New Embroidered Neckerchief N7

New Issue Brian Petrowski sends word and a scan of a new embroidered neckerchief from Buckskin Lodge #412. He advises:

I would like to report on the brand new embroidered neckerchief from Buckskin Lodge, it was first issued at the 2007 Spring Weekend and is the first fully embroidered neckerchief issued by the lodge. This replaces the silk screen neckerchief that has been used by the lodge for over 20 years. These neckerchiefs are not for sale and only given to new brothers that complete there ordeal or a lodge member can trade in there silk screen issued neckerchief along with $5 dollars to receive one of these new fully embroidered issues.

Buckskin Lodge #412 Emroidered Neckerchief N7

As you can see in the scan, both the white band and red arrow are embroidered. The previous issue, the N6 had an embroidered arrow, but the white line was silkscreened. In earlier versions the white ‘line’ was a ribbon, sewn to the neckerchief.

The Blue Book stats are:
N7 – – DBL – – EMB; RED Arrow amd WHT Line same design as N1

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