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They’re Baaack – ClothTalk

ClothTalkThe boys from ClothTalk are back and their latest podcast was from the 2007 NE-2C Conclave hosted by Ktemaque Lodge #15. One of the people they interview is Dave Ames from Man-a-hattin Lodge #82. As always worth a listen.

ClothTalk 030 – We’re back!!

It’s been a long time, but we’ve finished our server migration and we’re back in action. This episode, we bring you to the Section NE-2C Conclave and talk with the 2007 National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, Evan Chaffee. We also take a moment with Dave Ames who shares his collection of Boy Scout handbooks and New York area OA patches. We also listen in on Northeast Region Chief, Ken Hager trading patches with his fellow scouts at the conclave.


And I thought YOU were crazy!


Green Bar Bill William Hillcourt Scout Museum

Dick Krzyiewski who runs the Camp Woodland TOR each June, sent word of the rededication of the William Hillcourt Scout Museum.

 I want to Thank all of those that attended the William “Green Bar Bill”

Hillcourt Scout Museum and Carson Buck Memorial Library Re-dedication event this past weekend at Camp Woodland, Hiawatha Seaway Council. We had over 100 in attendance and the response was most favorable.

The Museum has expanded and now has over 2400 square feet of display and memorabilia room.  Honored guests included members of the Hillcourt and Buck families along with many others that have contributed to this project.

I encourage anyone traveling to the Central New York area to visit this wonderful facility. Many of Hillcourt’s and Buck’s personal items and collections are on display, admission is free. For further information Contact the Hiawatha Seaway Council.

More information about the Museum cab be found here


Boy Scouts in the News

Some positive press on Boy  Scouts in the news over the past few days.

Spending the night at an evacuation site means a lesson in organization

 Behind her, Qualcomm’s televisions had been tuned to local TV stations tracking the fire. Sitting in the stands were Rancho Bernardans hoping their house would not be the next one to appear on the screen. Some of the worst had already happened. KUSI used footage of a burning unit in the La Terraza apartment complex as the background shot for its sound bites. Sitting in front of Canfield, Allan Teo hoped he wasn’t watching his home going up in flames on national TV.

…Trying to find sleeping accommodations for 4,200 people meant mobilizing vast resources. The Navy donated hundreds of tents, which were set up along two levels of the stadium by—who else?—a couple of troops of Boy Scouts. Extra tents were set up in the parking lot as a kind of tent city.

And from the New York Times – Stadium Provides Relief Amid the Fires

Carl DeMaio, 33, evacuated his home at dawn, drove straight to Qualcomm Stadium and started organizing volunteers who arrived even before city officials did. Mr. DeMaio, who is the president of a nonpartisan government watchdog organization, organized at least 400 volunteers and tons of donated food, mattresses, blankets and other gifts.

“How many of you have set up a tent before?” he said, addressing a queue of volunteers. A few hands shot up. “Come with me. We have a few Boy Scouts who can supervise you.”

And Finally Boy Scouts Rescue Hiker

41-year-old Jane Scholl fell five feet from a cliff while hiking on the Appalachain Trail.

“We were rock-climbing, and we got to the peak, and I tripped,” Jane said. She was bleeding, disoriented and six miles from her fiancé’s car when Scout Troop 226 of Northeast Philadelphia came by. Two troop leaders, one a Cheltenham police officer and another an EMT, determined she couldn’t make it back without help. “She had slurred speech, she was sluggish, couldn’t walk, she was nauseous, and she almost passed out,” troop leader Andy Swartz Sr. said. Three older scouts used two tree branches and their clothing to fashion a makeshift stretcher.

“It was awesome to see these guys making the stretcher,” troop leader Chris Gallagher said.

“We laid the two sticks out, and we put the two sticks through each of our sleeves, and made it long enough for her body. Then we laid her down on it, picked her up, and carried her to where the chopper was waiting,” Eagle Scout Andrew Swartz Jr. said.

…They carried her nearly 3 miles to a clearing where medics began treatment and then to a chopper that flew her to a trauma center.

Hat Tip to the BSA BLAWG (where I found the 3 stories above) which added

The Troop was honored Sunday by a cheering crowd and a band featuring drummers and bagpipes. The Scouts are from the Cradle of Liberty Council that the City of Philadelphia is threatening with a $199,999 rent increase on its headquarters building.


Knowledge is Power – Owaneco Lodge #313 Quinnipiac Dancers


Buckskin Lodge #412 Belt Buckle


Horicon Lodge #246 Belt Buckle