Northeast Region Chief Collection

George Jennings sends along a couple of photos of a new sub-collection he is putting together which was inspired by on post by John Pannell on his blog on North East Region Chief Patches.

I am sending this quick photo your way to get your advise on creating a display that would honor our Northeast Region Chiefs over the years. I feel that the information about these young men ( who are growing older)should be available to the younger scouts at lodge meetings, sectionalgatherings , etc.
I have a handle on most of the emblems issued by the lodges over the years, but still lack several key items.
Lodge 95 Ryan McFarland felt flap

Lodge 159 Scott Schmidt flap with silver mylar border
I am trying to reach out to Sean O. and Matthew H. to get some personal data on where they are now and some memories of what they did as chief.

Any help or leads that you can give me would be appreciated. I have a seperate ring binder with the the pages from the Region Visionary where the region chief has his say – Chiefly Speaking. Full credit given to the Visionary
John Pannell _ I am giving you full credit for the info on your blog about the emblems issued for the NE Regional chiefs. I did some cut and paste of the issues your addressed so well.

Thats’ my plan. Can you help me out ?

The two remaining needs George has are from NY OA Lodges. Can anyone help him out?

George can be reached at:

Pictures after the Jump