They’re Baaack – ClothTalk

ClothTalkThe boys from ClothTalk are back and their latest podcast was from the 2007 NE-2C Conclave hosted by Ktemaque Lodge #15. One of the people they interview is Dave Ames from Man-a-hattin Lodge #82. As always worth a listen.

ClothTalk 030 – We’re back!!

It’s been a long time, but we’ve finished our server migration and we’re back in action. This episode, we bring you to the Section NE-2C Conclave and talk with the 2007 National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, Evan Chaffee. We also take a moment with Dave Ames who shares his collection of Boy Scout handbooks and New York area OA patches. We also listen in on Northeast Region Chief, Ken Hager trading patches with his fellow scouts at the conclave.