World Jamboree 2007 Listing Website Updated


I had previously posted about a web site devoted to the memorabilia of the 2007 World Jamboree. Harold Daw announced an update on Patch-L.

Good day patch collectors, It has taken me many many hours but the listing of WJ 2007 badges that I started on my website is now complete. Well, at least it is as complete as I can make it for the moment. I am sure it is not 100% complete. All entries are complete with pics so have a view. It took up 6 pages on the website just to make it orderly and organized. Every countries badges (national, local, troop & event) are all together within the country to make life a bit easier. I don’t think there is any duplication but I may have missed something here. This is the first Jamboree where it was hard to determine what was Jamboree and what was not. Countries like Egypt and Tahiti had a 100th Anniversary badge made about a year ago and then used the same badge as their contingent to the Jamboree. This is why it is on both lists. There were also a lot of badges ‘traded at the jamboree’ that had nothing to do with the jamboree. I think I have removed all these. Hope the list helps out those of you that are WJ collectors. Please note that this is not my collection as I stopped collecting WJ after 1995. I actually believe that it will be almost impossible to get a complete collection of this jamboree – there are just too many items out there – some of which I know I missed cataloging. Have fun – do let me know if there are items missed or mis-represented.

You can find the updated site here.