Green Bar Bill William Hillcourt Scout Museum

Dick Krzyiewski who runs the Camp Woodland TOR each June, sent word of the rededication of the William Hillcourt Scout Museum.

 I want to Thank all of those that attended the William “Green Bar Bill”

Hillcourt Scout Museum and Carson Buck Memorial Library Re-dedication event this past weekend at Camp Woodland, Hiawatha Seaway Council. We had over 100 in attendance and the response was most favorable.

The Museum has expanded and now has over 2400 square feet of display and memorabilia room.  Honored guests included members of the Hillcourt and Buck families along with many others that have contributed to this project.

I encourage anyone traveling to the Central New York area to visit this wonderful facility. Many of Hillcourt’s and Buck’s personal items and collections are on display, admission is free. For further information Contact the Hiawatha Seaway Council.

More information about the Museum cab be found here