Ktemaque Lodge #15 and Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 Merge to Form Mahicantuck Lodge

I had previously written about the merger of Westchester Putnam Council and Hudson Valley Council to form the Greater Hudson Valley Council. Here is the information on the new lodge from the council newsletter.

On Sun., Nov. 14th, over 65 members of Ktemaque and Nacha Nimat Lodges gathered at Camp Bullowa for the first official meeting of our new lodge.
The new name for the Greater Hudson Valley Council Order of the Arrow lodge will be “Mahicantuck Lodge #15, W.W.W.” and it’s totem will be that of the historic “Mastadon”, where remains have been found in the Hudson Valley area.

The new officers were elected at this meeting.

No word yet on the first issues.

“There is not in the whole science of politics a more solid or a more important maxim than this — that of all governments, those are the best, which, by the natural effect of their constitutions, are frequently renewed or drawn back to their first principles.” –James Wilson, Lectures on Law, 1791

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