Section NE-3 1985 Section Conclave Pocket Patch

ConclaveHere is another image from George Jennings, this one from the Section NE-3 1985 Section Conclave. The Conclave was held at Camp Nooteeming during Scouting’s Diamond Jubilee Year and hosted by Nooteeming Lodge #443.

Section NE-3 1985 Section Conclave Pocket Patch

The lodges in Section NE-3 at the time were:

  • Ranachqua Lodge #4
  • Ktemaque Lodge #15
  • Shu-Shu-Gah Lodge #24
  • Half Moon Lodge #28
  • Suanhacky Lodge #49
  • Skanondo Lodge #64
  • Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82
  • Aquehongian Lodge #112
  • Shinnecock Lodge #360
  • Buckskin Lodge #412
  • Nooteeming Lodge #443
  • Munsi Lodge #444
  • Yokahú Lodge #506
  • Arawak Lodge #562

To the best of my knowledge, this was the only issue from that Conclave. If anyone has information on any other issues from this conclave, let me know.

Update:  April 15, 2008  George Jennings provides a picture of a staff hat issued for the event.  While this is not your typical patch or neckerchief, it was issued for the conclave.  As always collect what you want for your collection.


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  1. George Jennings says:

    There was a hat pin issued that matched the patch in design and coloration.

  2. Joel Rogers says:

    Hello George! et. al., I was Lodge Chief at Nooteeming at the time of this conclave. It is great to see the old hat and patch. There was also an iron-on decal issued for the event, so I imagine there are still t-shirts in existence somewhere. I also think there may have been a mug, but perhaps I’m misremembering…

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